Chaotic Chance Screensaver Manager 2.21

Chaotic Chance Screensaver Manager 2.21: Choose your favorite screensavers and run them randomly! Chance Screensaver allows you to manage the screensavers that are currently installed on your system. Using this program you can choose your favorite screensavers and make them follow the desired order or run randomly. Chaotic Chance will simply replace standard Screen Saver tab in a Display Properties dialog with the more functional and handy dialog. Chaotic Chance Screensaver allows to take full control on your screensavers collection! This is

Alien Ambush 1.0: Here is your chance to take on hundreds of alien spaceship and blow them up.
Alien Ambush 1.0

Here is your chance to take on hundreds of alien spaceship and blow them up one by one. They stand no chance against your immense firepower and self-confidence. Besides that, your spaceship is far more maneuverable and faster than all the alien spaceships together. Alien Ambush free kids game is your chance to have some fun shooting down aliens like they were sitting ducks.

alien ambush, free kids games

Pyramid 1.31: Puzzle tile match game using logic and math, with a bit of chance for added fun!
Pyramid 1.31

Pyramid is a puzzle game of logic and math, with a bit of chance thrown in for fun. Remove the tiles from the board by matching the highest total combinations that are a multiple of the dice values. Higher scores are earned by making matches faster. Play Solo, against the computer, Multiplayer and LAN / Internet games. Normal mode allows room for chance, while Challenge mode levels the playing field and makes it a match of skill.

number, education, strategy, math, puzzle, chance, pyramid, game, logic, learn, arithmetic

No Image - Search and Win Toolbar 1.0 - Search and Win Toolbar. Use and win cool prizes! Use our search engine like you normally would and win great prizes. Every search on Featurized is a chance to win! You don`t even need to register to win free prizes. Increase your chances of winning by installing the Search and Win Toolbar in your browser. Perform searches right from your address bar and toolbar and be our next winner. Spyware remover included.

search, toolbar, featurized, search and win toolbar, search and win prizes, win prizes, prizes, prize

C Source Code 1.00: C Source Code. Thousands of Free C Source Code from
C Source Code 1.00

C is the most basic , important and popular programming language. Its important to understand c source code from begining to end for better understanding of this prgramming language. providing this chance by C Source Code 1.00. It provides the users chance to read and understand thousands of quality , understandable c source code directly from this software. So a lots of free C source code is waiting for you.

c source code, c programming, c languaguage, c code

Discovera 1.4: Play this modern remake of the famous Xonix/Qix game with exciting new skins.
Discovera 1.4

Pack your bags and get ready for an unforgetable journey because Discovera will take you wherever you want to go. Ever been to Cairo, Venice, Rome? Here is a chance to see these great ancient cities. Ever wanted to be a movie star or a cartoon hero? You get this chance too. But to do that you have to be quick and skillful. You have to avoid the insidious enemies that are hunting you down. Good luck in your journey!

xonix, snake, cartoons, balls, cool, city, cars, terminal, free, movie, animals, music, ball

Gems 3D Puzzle Game 4.00: Arrange falling gems in lines to make them disappear and score points.
Gems 3D Puzzle Game 4.00

Gems 3D is a game of logic, chance and organization. With each turn 3 gems fall on the playing board, and player gets a chance to move one gem in order to form lines of 5 or more gems. Once a line is formed the gems that combine it disappear, player scores points and gains free board space. The game goes on until the entire board is full. Plays background techno/trance MP3s by UltraMax (

game, lines, tetris, puzzle, logic

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